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Please update this game so it does not crash after the first scene or provide us with a way to prevent the crash. Many people have not been able to play Oxenfree because they cannot get past the first scene.

Hey I recently redownloaded this game to my new laptop and after the first in game scene the program just crashes completely. Is there any way to fix it?

it crashes at the first loading screen :(

Really want to see the new update here!

does this have the recent 3.1.1 patch?

Could you upload the Google Play APK to here? supports Android games, and the Mitch client could be used to easily install them.



I was really excited to play this game, but sadly it seems I won't be able to. I have a sensory processing disorder and I cannot understand, choose, and select a dialogue option in the absurdly short time provided. This seems like a rather egregious oversight, as I'm sure it would also be an issue for non-native English speakers and Deaf/HoH people. I'm really disappointed that this game is so inaccessible. Devs, I know this is an older game, but please consider patching in a way to slow down or freeze the dialogue timer, as well as control mapping. These are basic accessibility functions, and I can't imagine they would be all that hard to implement.


Yeah, just finished the game and can't agree more with this.
I truly struggled in some parts of it without counting the many dialogues I had to drop off "unanswered".

I want to believe the "countdown" it's meant to be part of the "gameplay", but this shouldn't prevent it from having some minimal and much needed accessibility options.


I've played this before and loved it but unfortunately I'm having the issue where it crashes every loading screen or whenever it tries to save, which is really annoying as I was so excited to play again!


To absolutely no ones surprise, this is a fantastic adventure game. The mood reminds me of the Stranger Things teen mystery horror, and it does a great job using that foundation to tell an gripping story about 5 teenagers stumbling into some supernatural trouble. The dialogue and voice work is fantastic, easily drawing you in and its a cool touch to use the conversation mechanics to steer the development of the ingame relationships. Its beautiful, has an intriguing story, a fantastic soundtrack and a ton of secrets to explore. Granted, you need to appreciate slower paced games, but as far as those go, its easily one of the best in the bundle. 5/5

More Racial Justice Bundle impressions:
Youtube Channel:

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Will Oxenfree 2 be released on itch as well? Also what about Afterparty?

really cool game, thank you to all involved. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

My review's marked as a chapter. Really enjoyed the game (obviously, as I played it in two super long streams xD ) despite some minor things I didn't like. Thank you for your work <3


Overall a cool experience, very addictive (I finished it all in one go lol). I have some issues with the dialogue- at the beginning in particular there was no time to choose your answers, and there are also several points with huge gaps between characters talking. It felt like this got better as the game went on, but I don't know if this was just me getting used to how fast I had to make choices. 


I got this game in a bundle and it definitely made the bundle worthwhile, I enjoyed it. However, for me, the biggest pitfalls were: the slowness of navigating through the radio, especially the one with the larger dial; physically moving around was slow too, if you went in a straight line on flat ground Alex would jog, otherwise, she slows down; not having more end stats, I feel like I made quite a lot of decisions in the game that're probably different to how others might have done things, but I only got told how my relationships with a few people compared, I would have liked to have seen how many got which ending for example; also the replayability failed for me. MINOR SPOILERS, when you get to the end, you can restart the game and it's not like restarting a regular game, there are differences. But I've played a while and these are so small so far it just feels boring. I love that concept I just wish they'd made it more engaging.

I got this game on Steam as well. 

It was a cool experience, although I feel like the story was “dragging on” at some points. 

I got a interesting ending too. 

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If you want people to check out your channel, you can just say that. It doesn't look good otherwise.

Any plans on bringing Afterparty to ?


For Linux users out there, ./ now has support for the version of Oxenfree.


loved this! the characters and the relationships all felt so realised  and i think the ending's gonna haunt me. anywayyy i gotta go replay the game and get the other endings now (and probably end up wiping a few tears away again)

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God damn is this game boring as fuuuck! I normally absolutely adore story-driven/character-driven stories, I've played both Night in the Woods, and What Remains of Edith Finch, but holy hell. The worst thing about this game is the dialogue writing and the voice acting. People were complimenting the voice acting in this, but I found all of the characters to be very phony sounding. They talk about NOTHING for 80 percent of this game, and it's not a humorous or charming nothing, no, it's absolutely boring. The dialogue choice go by a little too quickly, and that becomes even worse when dialogue overlaps and interrupts one another. Honestly I had no idea what anyone was saying half the time.

I will say, the art style is pretty good, albeit a little jarring at times. I like the premise and the music, but the execution of everything is as if someone threw this together in Unity and called it a day.

Not really worth the price.


Honestly the dialogue and voice acting were fine. I guess we were playing different games because this comment is hateful. 👎

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There is a difference between "hate" and criticism, friend. Also play What Remains of Edith Finch, and you'll see much better voice acting. It's not even that the acting is bad, it's announcer-like, almost like watching a 90s cartoon as 20 year olds act as teens.


I didn’t see the issues you saw and don’t consider it boring so agree to disagree. 🤷🏻‍♂️


That's alright! I'm glad we found common ground instead of completely disregarding someone else's opinion as "hateful"!


i'd say 90% of your comment could count as criticsm, albeit not super constructive, but starting off a comment with "God damn is this game boring as fuuuck!" does come across pretty hateful.


saying "goddamn, this game is boring as fuck" is definitely not just criticism. That's needlessly hateful.



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see some other people on here talking about the same issue awhile ago but I can't get past the first scene without the game crashing. I would really like to play


I've loved the game! the ending still haunts me


a superb game in the genre of horror the story is good the music is very good voice acting as well. i cant describe with words how much i loved this game but i can with numbers 10/10. thank you dear developers for putting the game in the black lives matter bundle  


I am surprised I haven't found this game sooner. I can't wait to turn this into a series. It's mad cool.


Ew imagine self promoting on an indie game's websit

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I’m going to keep grinding and supporting indie developers no matter what. Can’t stop won’t stop, so troll away 😂


Well that's a toxic mentality to have for any sort of negative feedback.

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It’s not in the least bit negative. I can tell by your comment and nooblydavid that y’all are just negative people. Go take a walk or find something more productive to do with your time.


Like reply to comments on a four year old game?


I really liked the characters, story, setting, and multiple dialogue options, but I wish the "scrolling through the radio" controls were able to be changed. It was AGONIZINGLY slow, and even worse when I got the upgraded radio and had double the channels to look through. Something like holding the R button and using arrows to scroll through it would be much easier to use.


You can keep dragging off the screen, but any time you have to use the radio one of the supporting cast says something like 'any day now'.

lmao yeah, sometimes literally 10 seconds after I opened the radio! Also I noticed that sometimes if I dragged the dial too far and let go, it'd reset back to where I started. Eek.


I've tried playing but it keeps crashing after the boat scene :(

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No, just direct download. The file name even says NoSteam


Crashing on loading screens. :( I got past the first autosave but it crashed again when I jumped the fence, and I can't move forward from that point.

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Amazing game! The story, dialogue, music and the radio mechanic I love all of it. So far I've only done one playthrough but will play later tonight. The only bug I experienced was on the ending where Alex is telling what happened to her friends after the incident at the island. While the camera is focused on Nona & Ren the game just hanged. Was this just a glitch or it has something to do with my internet coz at that time my net was down. I've tried to reload and everything worked perfectly fine, maybe coz my net is perfectly working? Can somebody confirm this to me? I thought this is drm free game (or I'm wrong) where you can play in offline mode. I noticed the pie chart didn't appear at first but when I reload it appeared and everything goes fine. That is the reason I'm suspsecting that my internet is the culprit. Thanks for reading.

PS: played using Windows.

Anyone having sound issues on Mac OS? I can launch the game but there is no sound. I've tried multiple audio output setting but the game is not delivering.

I'm using Mac OS Catalina and had full sound.


One of my favorite games ever!!!!!!! 100% would recomend. 


Wowowowow! The visuals, the sound affects, the voice acting, everything. It's all around just a perfect game.

The linux version doesn't run on my machine. This is all the output I get on the terminal, before it exits:

Set current directory to /.../Oxenfree_2.7.1_Linux-Uni-NoSteam_20190208_008
Found path: /.../Oxenfree_2.7.1_Linux-Uni-NoSteam_20190208_008/Oxenfree.x86_64
Mono path[0] = '.../Oxenfree_2.7.1_Linux-Uni-NoSteam_20190208_008/Oxenfree_Data/Managed'
Mono path[1] = '/.../Oxenfree_2.7.1_Linux-Uni-NoSteam_20190208_008/Oxenfree_Data/Mono'
Mono config path = '.../Oxenfree_2.7.1_Linux-Uni-NoSteam_20190208_008/Oxenfree_Data/Mono/etc'
displaymanager : xrandr version warning. 1.6
client has 4 screens
displaymanager screen (0)(DP-0): 2560 x 1440
Using libudev for joystick management

Importing game controller configs

Part 2!! Can’t get enough of this game. I also exorcise things with the power of radio music here. The radio mechanic is cleverly integrated into the game. 


Part 1 where an interesting cast of characters is introduced. The mystery surrounding Edward’s Island really hooked me into the game. 

the game keeps crashing when its trying to save. Is it because my computer specs are lacking? I'm using a LG gram 2020 by the way.


This was a crazy good adventure! Love the whole ending and how deep the story actually is.


Had absolutely no issues with the game, and it has become quite possibly one of my favorites on here!! I just can’t believe I JUST NOW discovered it. Oxenfree deserves more recognition for sure, it’s a masterpiece.

i know right i havent seen anyone talk about the game so i had no knowledge of its existnce. thank god i read an article about the best games in the black lives matter bundle or else i would have never played it.truly a masterpiece

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